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Who am I

and what drives me

I'm Nuno Andrade, a Blues artist songwriter and performer. This is the site about my work and also the band I built around me and the songs.

Blues is the genre of music I love to write and play. It somehow fitted perfectly onto my soul. I want to do this no matter what, cause it gave me too much - something to hold on and a place to come back to.

I mix Blues with some Rock, Funk, psychedelic stuff, and whatever flows out. 

In that process, I do my best to convey the spirit of each musician involved, cause I like to keep things as real as I can, and love to have a blast in their company in each session - I don't want to listen back exactly to what I suggest, cause that's just boring to me. I try to interfere just enough cause I need the team to be comfortable and enjoying themselves - It's important for me that we all take each performance personally as well as professionally.

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Blues is all about life and what we feel inside: good and bad, what we learn, lean on, laugh or mourn about. It has to be really felt to make sense, and that's what drove me to the Blues, that trueness. Each note and each word are undisguisable, so it better have meaning, purpose and of course soul - in the end, the audience will always feel whats "right" or not. This is our challenge and how we like to commit to what we do, both on stage and studio.”

— Nuno Andrade

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This one is about setting things straight. Just because you're a kind, easy going guy or lady, doesn't mean it's ok to be disrespected by your lover. It's about empowerment and not letting yourself be mistreated. This song was written as a reminder for my future self and at the same time to help anyone else that in one way or another goes through the same. Hope It resonates with you. 

Nuno Andrade

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